Will immigration rules affect London’s business reputation?

London is seen as a global business hub. Its role as a financial capital is vital but so is its capacity to welcome workers from around the world. Will immigration curbs damage London’s role as one of the truly great and powerful international cities?

London is an international hub. There is no argument about it. With one of the world’s busiest airports feeding passengers to and from one of the globe’s wealthiest capitals and financial headquarters it’s no wonder that the city has a reputation to maintain.

Yet there are warnings that suggested immigration quotas would damage the power of London, making it more difficult to be as internationally connected as it is. The argument goes like this; the majority of people who come to the capital do so to support their families and further their careers. They are not, they defenders argue, set on draining the resources of a lenient country. Instead, as they pay their taxes and are determined to compete with the best and brightest they are in fact the bedrock of the UK economic recovery.

London has always been multicultural and multinational. It’s is a wash of different skin tones, languages, cultures and customs. This is not just an ingredient for it having such a vital and inspiring day to day existence but it in fact drives it forward as a global centre for business. Firms from around the world want to move their headquarters to London because they say it attracts the best workers and the best range of skills. How do they know? Because every culture knows London. These people travel the world once they have been in London and share what they love about it. It is the people who live, work and then travel in and out of London that are its most powerful advocates.

To remain at this competitive cutting edge London still needs to be able to attract the very best. Talent is like a pool to be tapped. Without a regular contribution of people then the pool can run dry. If that happens, then London could risk falling behind other cities. London does not just benefit from EU migrants but from booming world economies like China and India. Engineers, IT experts, architects and designers all seek to travel the globe to come to London and learn. If they are not made to feel welcome then why should those who hold the multi-billion pound purse strings follow?

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