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22-Jul-2014 01 - 140 MINORIES
Very noisy, cheaply made apartment. Nice stay, good location.
21-Jul-2014 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very well kept, nice appliances, good service and repairs when necessary, easy move-in and move-out
Easy to find, instructions were clear, location of apartment was good, cleaning service was good and when I requested it, allergy free bedding was included.

the only issues I would have are the noise of the apartment - it was basically impossible to sleep as the windows are not double glazed/ don't provide any sound proofing and the fact that some of the furniture and fittings looked a bit battered and worn (e.g. handles missing from hall closets, stains on sofa, chunks out of the base of kitchen cupboards) - these should be repaired promptly
18-Jul-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
The sliding door in the living room doesn't work. I have signalled this twice and someone came and tinkered with it twice, with no results whatsoever. I assume it cannot be repaired, but will need to be replaced. This is obviously more costly, but should be done nevertheless, given that there is no other way for airing that part of the flat. By the way, this is also not entirely satisfactory in the bedroom, where the (white) blinds are placed in such a manner that the windows can only be opened up to a couple of inches.
It was great! No complaints at all and better than other serviced apartments I have used.
Good experience
17-Jul-2014 44 GOOCH HOUSE
The initial apartment we reserved in Holburn suddenly became unavailable, just a few days before arrival. A substitute was offered in Hammersmith. This could have been a major problem if we'd needed to be in the City (i.e. for work), luckily this was a vacation stay and we worked around it. We got an upgrade from 1 bed to 2 bed apartment which was welcomed. Arrival instructions excellent, condition of apartment excellent. Location ended up being perfect for us, so it all worked out. We would stay there again and recommend Clarendon to friends.
17-Jul-2014 APARTMENT 7 36-38 WEST STREET
Very noisy
The apartment was extremely warm and therefore uncomfortable. I was in a corner apartment. The noise from neighbouring apartments until early into the morning meant either having the window open for fresh air and staying awake due to noise, or having the window shut to muffle the noise with a stuffy room.

It would be helpful if there was foil and cling film in the kitchen to better facilitate being able to use the kitchen and make meals.

I still rate Clarendon above other similar service providers in the Canary Wharf region.
17-Jul-2014 06 CLARENDON HOUSE
The internet was a bit of a problem with no access at all the first 4 or 5 days and then it would still cut out randomly.

We did not have the correct instructions for the new washer.

Other than that, I LOVE this place and I'll always stay here - it is just sooo convenient. The maid service is good. The booking agent is excellent. Can't wait to go back.
09-Jul-2014 07 CLARENDON HOUSE
awesome service, loved the location. The apt was perfect.
03-Jul-2014 54 GOOCH HOUSE
I was awesome!!! I had an amazing experience staying at your serviced apartments..!! It's just excellent..!! If I come again in UK, I will definately choose this property again.

Thanks for all your services and helps.

Very clean, precious apartment
26-Jun-2014 503 ONE PEPYS STREET
Wonderful as usual.
24-Jun-2014 72 GOOCH HOUSE
Service was excellent.
The place was nice and the service was good, but all the construction going on across the street and next door made for not the best experience. I was woken up a lot by loud pounding on the bedroom wall or loud drilling.

I did like how Clarendon provided some groceries when I arrived. I didn't know where the grocery store was so it was nice having some things to hold me over for a few days. The housekeeping staff also did a great job.
19-Jun-2014 72 GOOCH HOUSE
Excellent location, nice clean apartment that is well maintained.
Check in and check out procedures were very good. The aprtment is located in a very good location for my visits there and the overall facility is well taken care of and clean. The apparment was generaly in good condition and was well stocked. The welcome package with food and drikns was a very nice touch and appreciated. There were however a few issues. 1) The shower head did not spray water correctly. 2) The cook top did not work.
19-Jun-2014 03 34A ARTILLERY LANE
Great space and service!
19-Jun-2014 12 MANNING PLACE
All good
19-Jun-2014 101 ONE PEPYS STREET
I though that someone wil be going to make the faly every day, during my stay was only one time.
I like how there is a 24 hour concierge, but after hours they do almost nothing besides give new tenants keys. Also, the Clarendon crew does not start until 9am on weekdays--most people have to go to work by then.
19-Jun-2014 Apartment 3 59 OLD COMPTON STREET
Overall it was a good stay. The apartment was kept clean and issues were resolved quickly. The one thing I did experience that was unpleasant was the initial entry (the code I was given to retrieve my key was not correct due to being changed earlier and I stood outside of the apartment for quite a long time waiting for a resolution). In addition, the initial internet required it to be filled up (it did not start out with a full balance on it however it was quickly replaced with internet that does not require filling (which was great).
19-Jun-2014 74 GOOCH HOUSE
The apartment was very well kept and clean. The apartment had everything I needed and I appreciated the welcome food and drinks. Wi-fi worked well. Reception of the TV channels was mixed. The communication with the staff was not that good. I woke up one morning to no water. When I called the emergency hotline (this was on a weekend), I was told that it was a general water outage from Thames. When I looked online, Thames did not have any outage indicated in the area. About 10 minutes later I received a call from someone else from the company telling me that there was a problem with a pump in the building.
Very clean staff pleasant but should check out there electricks
Lovely place, the WiFi was horrible so the router needed resetting every 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, everything was very impressive and great value. The location was fantastic with numerous food, drink, and nightlife options on the doorstep, but little noise to disrupt us in the night.

There was, however, a mouse in the apartment with us. Spotted at about 2am in the living room/kitchen... Nothing that we were remotely concerned about, but I could imagine other guests would be apoplectic...

Will happily come again and reccommend to friends, thanks for a great week!
19-Jun-2014 APARTMENT 6 36-38 WEST STREET
Loved it, great location, clean,safe, modern, well serviced.
Very well maintained apartment blocks - will stay there again
19-Jun-2014 02 CLARENDON HOUSE
My experience at Clarendon was good. Kew Gardens is a lovely neighbourhood. The only feedback I would give is the windows need double glazing due to the noise from the planes flying landing at Heathrow.
15-May-2014 10 - 140 MINORIES
nice location, good contact, they give what they promise. Nothing else is required.
Clean & Tidy .. only concern was parking for car was not available
30-Apr-2014 07 CLARENDON HOUSE
I think the accommodation was very nice and exactly what I expected from previous trips. I was able to relax and be very comfortable during my stay. Given the length of my stay (2 weeks) a needed a bit more toiletries, I was only left some on the first day. I would request that in the future the carpet is vacuumed at least once a week. The cleaning in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom was good. I would suggets an update to the mattress in my unit or the addition of a pillow top to make it more comfortable.
Clean, modern, wifi included.
I would certainly use them again.
29-Apr-2014 45-47C BRUSHFIELD STREET
My experience was very positive in general.
My only issue had to do with internet connection. There was either a problem with the network or with the modem itself. The connection within 45 C Brushfield street was not good so I had to connect to other local networks to go online and dont disconnect every now and then.
The apartment was clean and appealing. Good facilities with a gym and pool and close to all the amenities you could wish.
The apartment was well looked after and clean and contained all the kitchen tools / appliances needed. The location was also really good. The only issue with the apartment was the temperature control didnt work. It became very hot and uncomfortable in the evenings.
29-Apr-2014 07 - 140 MINORIES
I had mold growing on the ceiling of my kitchen and was told that nothing could be done about it until it dries out. No one ever followed-up again regarding the mold, and I resorted to just not using my kitchen.

The carpets in the bedroom were also heavily-stained, and the bathroom had an issue with silverfish bugs (killed 2 or 3 a week.)
Thank you for taking the time to review your stay at Clarendon Minories. I am very sorry to hear that these issues marred the final week of an otherwise trouble-free stay.

Having reviewed our Helpdesk Records of your time with us I can resond to the points you raise as follows: Your colleague contacted us at lunchtime on Friday 4 April to report that a damp mark had appeared on your kitchen ceiling. She also sent us a picture. We immediately replied and sent a maintenance person to check the plumbing connections in the apartment above. As we advised you at the time, the inlet hose of the upstairs dishwasher had detached. It was immediately rectified and the leak was stopped. As you requested and as I advised in my email on Friday afternoon, we did come to the apartment early the following week and sprayed the area with an anti fungal. In our opinion, this should not have affected your using the kitchen.

We did need to let the damp patch dry out thoroughly before it could be made good and repainted and this has subsequently been done.

Although the bedroom carpet is not new, it had recently been professionally cleaned.

It is a shame you didn't let us know that you were finding silverfish in the bathroom as we would have immediately attended and treated the area. However, we have acted on your comments.

We at Clarendon do pride ourselves on our standards and take our guests' comfort very seriously and very much hope you will consider staying again.

Kind regards
Head of Operations

Guest Services @ Clarendon
29-Apr-2014 APARTMENT 3 36-38 WEST STREET
Great location.

Only problem was a little mouse in the apartment but I trapped him and let him free to roam the streets of London.
29-Apr-2014 74 GOOCH HOUSE
You do a good job and do those extra things that build customer loyalty.
15-Apr-2014 02 - 140 MINORIES
Actually very good but not quite excellent.

You left keys in enryway safe for my midnight arrival--that worked very well. Entrance lock code wirked great for entire stay.

WiFI was excellent and that is the KEY for my stay, along with there being a table I could work on, and very comfortable bed and generally very clean.

Handles on refrigerator door were never fixed despite my complaint. Shower stall is very small and too tight, makes shower difficult.

Kitchen refrigerator was very good. Never used cooktop but did use micro wave and microwave worked well.

Some bad curry cooking smells in hallways--need more frequent deodorant sprayng of hallways.

Key problem: you should install a safe in the apartment. NOt too much expense, and would give me much greater feeling of security for valuables. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SINGLE ISSUE THAT MIGHT PREVENTME STAYING AT CLARENDON IN THE FUTURE.
14-Apr-2014 10 - 140 MINORIES
Good position of the apartment. Good furniture. Easy to get the keys etc. Shower doors quickly repaired when I informed of the problem.
Only one issue: the elevator stopped working on Thursday 27 March and was not fixed when I left the apartment on Friday morning the 28th.
I had a comfortable stay at the Discovery Dock. Thanks.
05-Apr-2014 G04 ONE PEPYS STREET
Excellent apartment for my business trip to London.
there was an inordinate amount of noise during the day -- from 8am onward, there was construction across the street right outside the windows (that big building being built on CLeveland) as well as banging and clanging from the construction right next door to the lounge and outside.

the hot water in the shower and the bath was never hot. I never had a hot shower
in the flat.

I also could have used an extra blanket on the chilly nights. The pillows were not soft being fiberfill. would have be great to have at least one down pillow. I ended up getting neck aches because of the pillows...

other than that I enjoyed my stay ! thank you!
The apartment was of a good standard. It was serviced weekly to a high standard.The Customer Service and other Clarendon personnel were helpful and efficient.
20-Mar-2014 12 MANNING PLACE
Excellent location, clean and comfortable and impressive management by Claredon.

At price bracket offers reasonable value for money.

Drawback - property becoming dated and needs complete update of equipment and redecoration and improve soundproofing to maintain competitive position.
I really liked Apt thanks!
19-Mar-2014 G06 ONE PEPYS STREET
The handful of issues we identified were handled promptly to the extnt possible...and we appreciated the prompt acknowledgement when we pointed them out.
I still am baffled by the hand held can opener...although I suspect that an instruction sheet would have solved my problem.
My wife an I both agreed that we would be happy to make similar arrangements for future visits to London.
The concierge at One Pepys Street was particularly persoanable and helpful as well.
John Hackett
19-Mar-2014 14 - 140 MINORIES
19-Mar-2014 10 - 140 MINORIES
It was a nice touch to have welcoming package (good/beverages).

Place clean and tidy. However, the washroom does not have any counter space to put personal items.

Margarette Chan
15-Mar-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
Clean, apartment in good shape
I would like to recommend this apartment to anyone who wants to stay in London next to the Canary Wharf .Beautiful and high standard temporary home.
11-Mar-2014 73 GOOCH HOUSE
Good apartment and the facilities available are standard. You can think of giving options to visitors on how to subscribe to pay per view channels especially international visitors.
10-Mar-2014 APARTMENT 6 36-38 WEST STREET
Service was good and the management company staff were very helpful. There were periodic internet outages.
I have enjoyed my stay in the apartment.
Good service
The sofa is old and needs to replacing. It is sagging and uncomfortable to use - not what I would expect for an extended stay apartment

otherwise apartment and facilities were good.
10-Mar-2014 APARTMENT 5 36-38 WEST STREET
Excellent as always. Apartment was clean. Amenities very convenient and homely. This made our stay very easy in London. Can't wait to stay there again. Mark
The check-in/out process was very smooth and the apartmet was excellent
10-Mar-2014 16 MANNING PLACE
They were always very responsive if we have questions or issues, and I would hightly reccomend Clarendon! The apartemnt while old (to be expected in London) was well maintained, cared for, and clean! Couldn't have asked for anything better.
10-Mar-2014 7 GOOCH HOUSE
Car parking would be a big benefit
Very to hard to check in, very noisy and lack flexibility
10-Mar-2014 15 - 140 MINORIES
Apartment was clean, functional, well located and comfortable. Would be happy to stay there again.
There was a broken window that I reported on checkin however never got repaired while I was there. Otherwise the stay was good.
- prior to guest check-in ensure the internet connection is stable
- check and replace light bulbs during cleaning visits
- replace or top-up coffee, tea, detergent on cleaning visits
- improve bathroom heating for larger units
- introduce a loyalty/award program for frequent guest such as myself :)
10-Mar-2014 14 - 140 MINORIES
The place is clean, neat and nice. I definitely recommend this place to our colleague and friends.
10-Mar-2014 54 GOOCH HOUSE
Very good service. I had 2 minor issues but this was sorted out very quickly. Other than that I enjoyed my stay and everything was to my satisfaction.
10-Mar-2014 Apartment 4 61 BERWICK STREET
Excellent accomodation, very clean and tidy in an ideal location for our needs. Would definatly use again thank you.
20-Jan-2014 05 CLARENDON HOUSE
very professional, acoommodating to plane schedules, very clean, secure and comfortable.
16-Jan-2014 06 - 140 MINORIES
Very comfortable and well appointed. Some additional crockery (plates) would have been nice (probably due to previous breakages!). Unfortunately a bit noisy during the day but this was due to renovation work going on next door and is obviously temporary.
Overall very comfortable and well appointed in all aspects and reasonable value for money.
16-Jan-2014 2 43A CHANDOS PLACE
Nice & well equipped apartment.
Excellent location, quite noisy and lively in the evenings and on weekends, but however with closed windows a very quiet & relaxing place.
Clarendon Service is in general excellent, very nice & cooperative contact.
I enjoyed the stay very much.
Nice & well equipped apartment.
Unfortunately I´ve got one in the basement, and I felt a bit comfortable after a while.
15-Jan-2014 202 ONE PEPYS STREET
The only issue I had was that the corner ground floor apartment was a bit too noisy on Thursday - Saturday nights.
Expected a small apartment with bad amenities, but had a pleasant surprise when we first entered the apartment. Great shower area, nice kitchen area with adequate cooking and eating utensils, and a nice and comfortable bed.

Service was great as well. Arrived at 2am on CHRISTMAS DAY, we were late for check-in due to airport delays, but there was someone to answer our call to aid us in the check-in process, or we would have been left out in the cold for the night. Cleaners came and did a wonderful job as well in maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment.

Overall a very satisfying stay, and a wonderful holiday in London. Thank you for the wonderful place!
13-Jan-2014 13 4 STEWARD STREET
Great apartment. Modern, good interior. More mod cons that most apartment rentals. Good work!
13-Jan-2014 08 CLARENDON HOUSE
We enjoyed our stay very much. The only downside was not very much selection do TV channels.
Very convenient. good view. very comfortable, clean and spacious. ideal for the short walk to work. Wish I could have been there in the summer!
Great place. Very homely. Pasta, biscuits coffee a nice touch.
Very nice, helpful and efficient team to handle the occupier.
All good, as always with Clarendon. Great service, good apartments.
I've always loved Clarendon, have been staying in Clarendon Serviced apts multiple times since 2008 and have always enjoyed my stay there. Many thanks for all assistance provided during my stay - esp. details to do with our 10month baby boy :)
13-Jan-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
Service requests were not handled in a timely fashion, nor was there consistent follow-up to know whether an issue had been addressed or not.
19-Dec-2013 06 - 140 MINORIES
The flat was very nice, although it was a little noisy during the evenings.
17-Dec-2013 10 CLARENDON HOUSE
Had the studio flat, recently refreshed and very nice. Only real issue was the confusion as to getting the keys and the actual door to the unit as the rep on the phone refered to the unit as number 10.
Cleaning days were well conducted. Shower strength was poor (3rd floor), toilet flush mechanism a bit broken, bathroom sink was either freezing cold or scalding hot, no happy medium. Cover on ironing board was supposed to be replaced, but it never was.
17-Dec-2013 02 - 140 MINORIES (OTA)
No issues
17-Dec-2013 01 - 140 MINORIES (OTA)
I enjoyed my stay for 3 weeks and I beleive it was value for money. However the shower enclosure did not close well and shower water leaks out. Also I believe the shower bath and shampoo needs to be refilled at least every week!
17-Dec-2013 10 WRAYSBURY HALL
We have been very happy staying at Wraysbury Hall following our evacuation from Egypt earlier this year. The apartment is nice and the weekly cleaning service is good. I would certainly recomend Wraysbury Hall, especially to anyone with a dog as it is very dog friendly with nice big garden.
17-Dec-2013 12 MANNING PLACE
Overall stay was good. Weekly cleaning was very helpful and clean crew was great. Area for improvements - In the weekly cleaning currently paper towel, coffee/sugar refills, laundary detergent and napkins are not included. Based on the level of rent per day charged, that should be included in the weekly cleaning. Its a small cost and the person renting the place don't have to worry about running to the grocery stores. Also, extra, places and spoons will be helpful.
The communication and details provided to arrive and depart from the apartment were good. I had a problem on the second night with the key breaking in the lock. The service provided by the helpdesk was excellent and they arranged for a locksmith and kept me informed on progress. The apartment was clean and had all the necassary amenities that I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed ny stay there.
17-Dec-2013 11 - 140 MINORIES
The room itself was very good - size, decot, qulaity etc etc - all good met/exceeded expectations.
The problems I had were two-fold:
1) the windows screens/curtains - would not toally blcak out (prefernce I like dark dark when I sleep)
2) the noise level from the street was brutal - ruined my sleeping for pretty well my whole stay: i) it is a busy street near a very active bar, and ii) the construction
Next time, I will try and book an apartment on Pepys street and see if that is any
The cleanliness , furnishing and facilities of the apartment are excellent . The service is of quality and high efficiency too as replacement of a brand new pan, urgent repair of hot water system and change of light bulbs were done upon requests almost immediately .
Good bed and bathroom. For a bachelor, it was fine. Two comments, there was a residual faint smoke smell. I don't know if this was from a previous tenant or maybe it was coming through the ventilation. Also, it is a little noisy on that street. For the price, it was fine.
25-Nov-2013 11 - 140 MINORIES
Clarendon staff easy to work with. I accommodated their request to show the apartment mid-week, causing a one-day delay in maid/linen/towel service, but I expected that. Don't know if maid staff forgot or if Clarendon policy not to provide additional shampoo/shower items mid-week for a week long stay, but if policy, should change it. Would save me the trouble of packing or buying items for such a short stay.
25-Nov-2013 15 - 140 MINORIES
The apartment was beatiful, maybe a cabilet or a small shelf in the bathroom would be very useful expecially for long stay.
25-Nov-2013 08 - 140 MINORIES
Overall, great experience. The wifi was a little inconsistent and would cut out about once a day. The hot water pressure in the shower was not good either.
19-Nov-2013 13 MANNING PLACE
Fantastic reception staff with making our move into the apartment very seamless and also responded to maintenance at the apartment. Standard of cleanliness and facilities in the apartment were excellent. Perfect for a 10day stay, Thank you!
12-Nov-2013 10 CLARENDON HOUSE
The Overall stay was good. Except for the checking in and the checking out , Where the process, at least for an outsider to UK is strange and cumbersome.
And, it is not just for me . I saw few others having the same problem.
Please have boards with instructions and directions, if possible to assist the outsiders.
But, rest of the services like the cleaning and servicing, call center help desk were very good. For which one might like to choose to stay here again. :)
12-Nov-2013 15 - 140 MINORIES
We lived in Apartment 15 from 19 October to 4 November 2013. The apartment was spacious, well kept, clean and warm. The cleaning crew chirpy and very efficient. When I asked for more loo roll and towels they were very obliging. The location of the apartment was great for transport with Aldgate and Tower Hill just round the corner, if one was a little energetic Liverpool Street and Bank were also a pleasant walk down with lovely architecture and interesting shops on the way. Having Tesco's, Sainsbury's Local, EAT, Pret A Manger, Subway, Mailboxes and Boots was also a big plus. From Monday to Friday, there was a nice range of restaurants, pub style, Jamies, Rajasthan and many more. It did get quiet during the weekends, but there are many F&B options on the Tower HIll side (less than 10 minutes walk!)

The only thing I would suggest is that,

1. The apartment was on the top most floor which meant lugging bags down in stages. Might be a good idea to ask if the tenants had a lot of luggage to determine which floor they got to live on or alert prospective tenants :)
2. A list of restaurants & contact numbers that open Monday - Friday
3. A list of restaurants/pubs/take aways & contact numbers open during the weekends - Minories pub (Sunday roast lunch), Pizza Express etc etc
4. A list of private taxi companies that take tenants to airports and train stations. We used Amitours - +44(0)203 239 6477. We used them several times and they gave us a loyalty code which entitled us to a 10% discount.

A few things about the apartment,
1. The fire alarm is very sensitive, to do all toasting near the kitchen hob with the ventilators on full blast, and windows wide open.
2. To put at least 4 loo rolls in the toilet
3. I had left a note about the hot water in the shower (being set back to front) and the lever on the living room window (it came off), the garbage area - the door/key pad was a little sticky at first and wouldn't open usually on the first try.

All in all we had a fabulous time in Apartment 15 and will definitely recommend 140 Minories to family and friends. We hope to use the apartments again, we will definitely stay at 140 Minories again!

A big THANK YOU to all of you at Clarendon, keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Anita Chandran & Kamesam Shankar
19 October - 4 November 2013
Very much enjoyed my second stay on business in London. Far more convenient from my perspective than a hotel. Kitchen and laundry facilities are good, staff in the building quite courteous, gym and pool facilities a plus.

Very minor suggestions: equip each unit with a full-length broom for sweeping kitchen; look at the stopper for the "disposal" unit in the sink, if it turns upside down it becomes stuck and is difficult to remove.

Thanks and regards, Bill Fitzpatrick
The apartment is well located in the city with good access to food establishments and close to public transportation. The apartment itself was clean, functional and well maintained with everything needed for an extended stay. The only small negative was the early morning noise due to cleaning being undertaken in the market area.
29-Oct-2013 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Excellent, great facilities. Cleaning on Thursday is always an excellent standard.
28-Oct-2013 110 ONE PEPYS STREET
Great location great flat
28-Oct-2013 503 ONE PEPYS STREET
The apartment was clean and it was really a short walk (2minutes?) from the Tower Hill station.
28-Oct-2013 15 - 140 MINORIES
pin no that was given to get into the apartment for the first time did not work. The person who I had on the phone keep telling me that was the no to key into the pad but it did not work. Thankfully, there was a couple who came along and let me into the apartment and then I was able to retrieve the apartments keys from the safe. You may want to check the no again as the couple told me that they had encounter the same problem when checking in too. The sofa in the living room is seriously peeling off and i have black leather specks floating around the apartment due to this. Otherwise the apartment is great and I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues
28-Oct-2013 37 GOOCH HOUSE
Good reliable.Well located
Appliances are better than some other clarendon properties i have stayed in.
27-Oct-2013 08 CLARENDON HOUSE
Good, clean apartment in a great location.
The services were good and apartment was well equipped. However, there was a shortage of consumables. The toilets rolls were limited. Tissues were limited. I dont understand because if i am paying such a high price the lest i can expect is a few additional toilet rolls. It gives a bad impression of your services. Also, the parking space I think should be available free of charge for the apartment user. Luckily I didnt hire a car, but charging extra for parking in my opinion is not fair.
25-Oct-2013 5 25 SAVAGE GARDENS
The apartment was wonderful and met all my needs. I loved the place! The balcony was a super plus. I didn't want to leave. However, I just have a couple of suggestions. 1) "older building" must translate into "no lift" which would have been nice to know as my apartment was on the 5th floor! I had to carry a heavy suitcase up the stairs and I'm not in tip top shape any more. The blurb for the apartment should mention there isn't an elevator. 2) The bedroom needs curtains as the window blinds do very little to darken the room at night from the outside street lights. 3) I could hear the sound of a washing machine going all the time. It sounded as if it was coming from the adjacent building. Not sure what can be done about that. It isn't an unpleasant sound, it was just non stop.
Other than those items, which were really minor, I absolutely loved it. I would recommend this apartment to everyone.
25-Oct-2013 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Service was excellent.
21-Oct-2013 15 MANNING PLACE
Excelent apartment, exactly what I needed. Close to my office and to bus stops, offered me the comfort I needed to stay with my family while my house was being refurbished.
21-Oct-2013 74 GOOCH HOUSE
Every thing was in place
19-Oct-2013 45-47C BRUSHFIELD STREET
well organized, great location and perfect apartments.
16-Oct-2013 12 - 140 MINORIES
The flat and staff were exceptional; clean and comfortable.
Very clean and presentable
15-Oct-2013 03 - 140 MINORIES (OTA)
very comfortable, clean and great welcome-gift.
the only point of criticism: due to the proximity to the railroad track quite loud and the floor vibrates
15-Oct-2013 110 ONE PEPYS STREET
Customer service was great anytime I had an issue and I found all of the employees very responsive and helpful. However, the accomodations seemed very outdated and in some cases were substandard for the cost. With some renovations I think the property could be very nice, but as it stands I would not stay with Clarendon again due to the state of the flat.
Appratment was nice, well kept, and with all the necessities.

Only one issue was that the internet was not wrking, called the support desk but the issue was not resolved.
04-Oct-2013 72 GOOCH HOUSE
Very well serviced, issues were resolved fast. Great apartment with a nice view (although not for all apartments)
03-Oct-2013 G07 10 HOSIER LANE
The internet was not working for extended period of time (4 days).
There were bugs in the unit.
Everything was superb from the stylish and spacious set up to the comfortable furnishings.
My only downside was the fact that the free wifi was not working on arrival (Friday night) and it could only get repared on Monday.
The problem is that it was outsourced, since as soon as Clarendon knew of the issue on Monday they were of great assistance in making sure this was sorted while I was at work.

Great stay!
03-Oct-2013 01 36A WELLINGTON STREET
Apartment was clean, comfortable enough and in a perfect location meeting my needs of easy walk to office, grocery and restos. Special mention to Jackie Moss (Operations Mgr) who was very efficient and responsive to all my queries, clarifications and needs. Great job, Jackie! I look forward to my next stay at Clarendon! :) A few minor suggestions:
1) Windows are a bit tight/stuck and difficult to open/close possibly bec they are seldom opened. Suggest these be opened at least 1x a month to clean out the dust around the frame.
2) Radio reception weak, so any way this can be improved would help.
3) Any way you could have cable TV? A smaller flat screen TV would also help in the bedroom!
Good accomodation, good location. Better glazing to keep the noise of the planes out would improve things
01-Oct-2013 08 CLARENDON HOUSE
The environment was good and comfortable.
30-Sep-2013 10 CLARENDON HOUSE
Very noisy and lacks flexibility. I would not recommend to others.
Easy and convenient- pick up keys at concierge and drop them off in the post box; no standing in line, no paperwork really, no loss of time!
I had a fantastic stay at the Brushfield street apartment. It is very close to the Liverpool street and the Spitafields market. The music and fun over Friday evenings is awesome. The flat is very spacious and is sufficiently furnished. A recommended place to stay in Central London
Amazing really enjoyed my stay. Amazing service
25-Sep-2013 08 CLARENDON HOUSE
Gooch House was excellent,
23 Kew Bridge Road showing its age a bit, appliances not as good qulaity as the other property.
Clarendon is one of the best in London. Thanks for making my experience awesome. Keep up the good work.
apartment was great - clean, essentials were met, security was friendly though not always helpful, check in/out was efficient
Why not excellent:
- dishes were not washed or if they were, it was dirty taken from the dishwasher
- wifi did not work and IT support was useless (fixed the issue myself)
- not sure that housekeeping changed my sheets
24-Sep-2013 03 - 140 MINORIES
The experience was good,but one problem i faces was during house keeping they used to remove all my stuff which according to them was irrelevant.also there should be someone who can be there in the aprtment if someone comes for the first time.
24-Sep-2013 10 WRAYSBURY HALL
Stayed for 6 weeks with 3 kids. Great weather made the stay very enjoyable. Good garden for kids to run around in. Tennis course in poor condition, but was being cleaned during our stay. Apartment was cosy for us though very hot due nice summer weather. No air conditioning made sleeping a bit tricky. Value for money was poor as it was expensive, but we could find no other option for a family of 5. Staff were very friendly and helpful when we needed them, otherwise they were 'invisible', which is exactly what we liked. I would recommend this accommodation and I would use I again myself.
24-Sep-2013 05 CLARENDON HOUSE
Nice place to stay, well-kept and good follow-up on requests.
There is no air conditioning in the apartment, and even with the portable fan, the temperature in the unit never dropped below 28 degrees. Most of the time it was near 30 degrees celsius.

The wifi never held a signal longer than approximately 10 minutes and when it did, never reached a speed level that would support working remotely.

I would absolutely not stay in these apartments again, and will recommend they be removed from our preferred vendor list.
24-Sep-2013 101 ONE PEPYS STREET
This is my 3rd or 4th stay. always clean and well presented. works well for me.
The apartment was very clean and functional. As there is no cooling system I would suggest a ceiling fan would help to circulate the air.
24-Sep-2013 18 MANNING PLACE
Overall it was a good experience staying at Manning Place.
Improvement suggestions: internet is rather slow and unstable on certain days. Users are required to re login each time to the network after around 5-15 mins of being inactive which is cumbersome.

I have had 2 instances where the boiler wasn't working leaving me without hot water during winter and another time in August 2013.

The buzzer in the apartment and security code for the entrance to the building didn't work initially. The buzzer's fixed however security code is still not working all the time.

Apart from the above, I have had a good stay in the apartment.
24-Sep-2013 04 - 140 MINORIES
It was a gr8 n memorable experience staying at Clarendon Minories. Though the rent seems little high, but its worth considering the facilities, reachability etc.
24-Sep-2013 14 - 140 MINORIES
I faced lot many issues while staying there. In fact Apartment was not in good condition when I checked in. After many followups I gave up on some of these and lately moved back to India but issues dint get resolved till then. Water pipeline was blown out once and we had to stay in hotel in a very small room with family, could not sleep so had to take leave from office following day. Also, once night smoke alarm started off and they dint attend it untill next day we could not sleep and go to office. Staff used to be nice on email and phone but never worked on promised. My wife caught cleaning staff working in kitchen without changing their toilet cleaning gloves - very unhygienic. I would not like to stay there in future.
24-Sep-2013 505 ONE PEPYS STREET
24-Sep-2013 G06 ONE PEPYS STREET
The internet didn't work for 3 days, but the team eventually got it fixed.
Great apartment. No complaints.
I would suggest that you didn't need to clean, change the sheets and towels the day before I was leaving though (and then again the next day, when I left).
The unit is in need of updating. I didn't want to sit on the couch as it didn't seem clean and the carpet in the bedroom was badly stained in multiple places.
It was a bit difficult to keep the airflow in the apartment as it didn't seem the that the ventilation system worked well (especially the one in the living room).
02-Sep-2013 07 - 140 MINORIES
Bit of bad experience as key was not in key-box when I arrived, but it was fairly quickly resolved with an emergency key so that was good.I will book with Clarendon again.
I missed the AC unit on hot days. It was not working. Some of the light there not working. Overall it was good.
30-Aug-2013 310 ONE PEPYS STREET
All the facilities provided by Clarendon were fantastic. Apartment was very clean and spacious with all required amenities. The location of the apartment was apt for me to visit my offices as well as tourist destinations. The staff was very helpful. I did not have any trouble or concerns during my 1 month stay. I would strongly recommend Clarendon service apartments to all my friends and colleagues.
Thank you!
29-Aug-2013 01 34A ARTILLERY LANE
I liked the apartment and the cleaning service was great. the construction right outside the building was a disturbance.
29-Aug-2013 507C LANTERNS COURT
I was very disappointed with the services as, when I walked in even with so much of heat their, was no fans. Internet services were not available which is basic in any of the service apartments we walk in UK.

Washing machine was not working and their were multiple exchange of mails and I had to walk out with the plathore of laundary.
27-Aug-2013 503 ONE PEPYS STREET
Appartment was well located, close to my office.
Furnitures were good, specially the bed.
On the other side, cooking furnitures were bad : cooking pan was very old and all the food stuck to it and the kinfes were not sharpened at all.

Last but not least, I experienced a huge leak. I've been relocated to another appartment on the 4th floor which was hot as a oven, really annoying.
22-Aug-2013 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
No commentary
22-Aug-2013 G04 ONE PEPYS STREET
Clean, well taken care of.
The apartment was located less than a 5 minute walk to my office and local shopping. A 1 miunte walk to the supermarket. The furnishings were top notch. The weekly cleaning service was excellent.

The best part of the entire booking was the Clarendon staff. Every query was answered promptly. I had to change my booking several times due to being extended. Each time, the staff was able to assist me in getting this done.

I will stay everytime I am in London. I would highly reccomend their services.
18-Aug-2013 09 - 140 MINORIES
Very nice apartment and in a good area for the city. Close to White chapel for bars and restaurants.
Ive booked the same block of apartments again for my next visit.

17-Aug-2013 07 - 140 MINORIES
The apartment that I stayed at was good; however, there was construction right outside of my apartment that was very loud and abnoxious (very - in fact I had to leave the partment 2 days early as I was unable to get good sleep). The street was already quite loud (the noise insulation in the building/apt must not have been very good), so with the construction, it was unbearable.

The staff was very helpful when I left the first apt I was in and helped me find another one I would like better. However, when initially choosing an apt, I had asked for help finding a gym nearby and never received a response. Also, would be more helpful if staff was more knowledgabout of the areas that apartments are in so that they can provide better guidance of surroundings.

Finally, when the cleaning staff would come in, they would never replenish soap, which was annoying. So I would have to go out and buy a big shower gel or soap for another few days.
16-Aug-2013 02 34A ARTILLERY LANE
The flat is in a good location and is very modern and comfortable. The cleaning and servicing of the flat was also good.

In terms of constructive feedback, the internet connection is very intermittent and I had to keep re-connecting during use.

There is no first aid kit in the flat. I cut myself and couldn't find a plaster or antiseptic cream.

I would have liked the apartment to be serviced twice a week.
The apartment is great, has everything a family would need to have a pleasant stay in a modern accomodation..
I only rated it as good because the dishwasher was not working, but would definitely give an excellent if it was not for this.
15-Aug-2013 05 4 STEWARD STREET
Very good service and apartment.
08-Aug-2013 09 4 STEWARD STREET
The service is ok, however the flat is very noisy and gets very hot in summer.
The work in front of the building did not help to better the stay.
I did not receive the keys for the dustbin area and indication on the guide were not updated.
The appliance were not all in good state.
07-Aug-2013 006 60 VINE STREET
Fantastic customer service over the phone.
07-Aug-2013 53 FORSET COURT
Excellent location and service.
Also very kind lending sheets and covers whenever I have guests, and quick helping me with the initial problems with my internet connections.
I have been very happy living there. Thanks!
I really like the Clarendon apartments! I feel very comfortable there and I love the kitchen with the dishwasher and washer / dryer! My only suggestions are as follows: 1.) the blinds are too heavy and the strings freyed from pulling them up a lot when it was really hot and I needed to open the door. The air conditioning isn't good, but I'm told that when I was in London the week of July 15, 2013, the warm temperatures were very rare. So robust air conditioning probably isn't necessary. 2.) The TV didn't work when I arrived on Saturday and they wouldn't send anyone out until the next Monday. I understand that it is unrealistic to expect someone to come out over the weekend, but perhaps it could be part of a checklist for the crew that when someone checks out, the TV is tested before someone new checks in. 3.) I was in the apartment for a full week. When the maids came Wednesday, they didn't refill the paper towels and toilet paper. When I told the concierge, I was told to go to the local Tesco to buy more. Ample supplies would be good. 4.) Lastly, I didn't see a manual on the towel bar, and I wasn't sure how to use it.
30-Jul-2013 310 ONE PEPYS STREET
The location is excellent.

Except for a few inconveniences our stay has been good.

Please do keep us informed should there be upcoming promotions or discounts for the apartments.
28-Jul-2013 02 - 140 MINORIES
Clean and nice apartment. Hot water often turned off intermittently during shower though
26-Jul-2013 10 WRAYSBURY HALL
Apartment was well serviced and any issues we had durignthe six week stay were quickly dealt with.