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37 Hour(s) ago 10 - 140 MINORIES
I was very pleased with the comfortable and well maintenance flat.
27-Feb-2015 02 - 140 MINORIES
Overall my stay was enjoyable.
09-Dec-2014 05 - 140 MINORIES
This is a perfect apartment! All facilities are clean and convinient to use. Love this apartment. Thanks a lot for your help!
01-Sep-2014 09 - 140 MINORIES
Noisy, street construction, terrible bathroom, terrible water pressure in shower
11-Aug-2014 01 - 140 MINORIES
It is a good place, good location.
22-Jul-2014 01 - 140 MINORIES
Very noisy, cheaply made apartment. Nice stay, good location.
15-May-2014 10 - 140 MINORIES
nice location, good contact, they give what they promise. Nothing else is required.
29-Apr-2014 07 - 140 MINORIES
I had mold growing on the ceiling of my kitchen and was told that nothing could be done about it until it dries out. No one ever followed-up again regarding the mold, and I resorted to just not using my kitchen.

The carpets in the bedroom were also heavily-stained, and the bathroom had an issue with silverfish bugs (killed 2 or 3 a week.)
Thank you for taking the time to review your stay at Clarendon Minories. I am very sorry to hear that these issues marred the final week of an otherwise trouble-free stay.

Having reviewed our Helpdesk Records of your time with us I can resond to the points you raise as follows: Your colleague contacted us at lunchtime on Friday 4 April to report that a damp mark had appeared on your kitchen ceiling. She also sent us a picture. We immediately replied and sent a maintenance person to check the plumbing connections in the apartment above. As we advised you at the time, the inlet hose of the upstairs dishwasher had detached. It was immediately rectified and the leak was stopped. As you requested and as I advised in my email on Friday afternoon, we did come to the apartment early the following week and sprayed the area with an anti fungal. In our opinion, this should not have affected your using the kitchen.

We did need to let the damp patch dry out thoroughly before it could be made good and repainted and this has subsequently been done.

Although the bedroom carpet is not new, it had recently been professionally cleaned.

It is a shame you didn't let us know that you were finding silverfish in the bathroom as we would have immediately attended and treated the area. However, we have acted on your comments.

We at Clarendon do pride ourselves on our standards and take our guests' comfort very seriously and very much hope you will consider staying again.

Kind regards
Head of Operations

Guest Services @ Clarendon
15-Apr-2014 02 - 140 MINORIES
Actually very good but not quite excellent.

You left keys in enryway safe for my midnight arrival--that worked very well. Entrance lock code wirked great for entire stay.

WiFI was excellent and that is the KEY for my stay, along with there being a table I could work on, and very comfortable bed and generally very clean.

Handles on refrigerator door were never fixed despite my complaint. Shower stall is very small and too tight, makes shower difficult.

Kitchen refrigerator was very good. Never used cooktop but did use micro wave and microwave worked well.

Some bad curry cooking smells in hallways--need more frequent deodorant sprayng of hallways.

Key problem: you should install a safe in the apartment. NOt too much expense, and would give me much greater feeling of security for valuables. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SINGLE ISSUE THAT MIGHT PREVENTME STAYING AT CLARENDON IN THE FUTURE.
14-Apr-2014 10 - 140 MINORIES
Good position of the apartment. Good furniture. Easy to get the keys etc. Shower doors quickly repaired when I informed of the problem.
Only one issue: the elevator stopped working on Thursday 27 March and was not fixed when I left the apartment on Friday morning the 28th.