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14-Jun-2015 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very responsive team whenever I had any queries. Will definitely stay there again!
We appreciate your review of your stay at Clarendon Serviced Apartments. We do aim to deal with any issues as fast as possible. Hope you will be back again.

Kind regards

The Clarendon Team
12-Jun-2015 106 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very nice apartment top stuff!
So glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Kind regards

The Clarendon Team
13-May-2015 310 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very nice apartment, very good cleaning

Communication via phone could be a little bit easier
I am glad you had a good stay at Clarendon at Pepys Street despite a couple of glitches at the beginning. We do hope to welcome you back soon.
Kind regards

The Clarendon Team
06-May-2015 103 ONE PEPYS STREET
I had a lovely stay at Clarendon - clean apartment in a great location. Front of house staff were very helpful.
I'm so glad you had a good stay with Clarendon at One Pepys Street. Thank you for your review. Come back soon.
Kind regards

The Clarendon Team
01-May-2015 109 ONE PEPYS STREET
During my latest visit, I stayed in Pepys Street. The building was undergoing a paint job. The hallways and, consequently, the apartment was filled with dust and debris. While I understand maintenance must go on, I should have been informed in advance. Not being informed in advance has happened before on previous stays with Clarendon.

The apartment has doors on every room that automatically close. There were no door stops, which made it very difficult to manage.
Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. We did speak on the phone during your stay and I explained that we didn't have control over the management of the building and their scheduling of upgrades to the common areas. I believe that the floor you stayed on was completed on that day. You didn't mention at the time that your apartment was filled with dust and debris so I am quite surprised to hear this.

Apartment internal doors have closers to comply with fire regulations.

We do always endeavour to let guests know in advance of any maintenance work either inside or outside the apartment.

Kind regards

The Clarendon Team
21-Apr-2015 505 ONE PEPYS STREET
I enjoy staying at Pepys St and the quality and clearness is good.
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We hope to welcome you back soon.

Kind regards

The Clarendon Team
26-Jan-2015 603 ONE PEPYS STREET
Clean, good size, convenient for transportation.
16-Dec-2014 505 ONE PEPYS STREET
My stay was fine overall, however there are two things that I was very displeased with. First, the staff was quite rude. The French gentleman who sits at the front desk (usually on weekends), was rude to us on arrival. Second, our apartment smelled awful for the first few weeks we were there. I'm not sure if the carpets are in desperate need of cleaning or what, but it was nauseating and disgusting. I'd recommend looking into it ASAP.
03-Dec-2014 310 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very good in General, nur The room is TO Chose TO the Train station
24-Nov-2014 G04 ONE PEPYS STREET
The apartment is quite spacious and well maintained as well as centrally located! The cleanliness is well taken care by their weekly cleaning service provided!

Some of the fittings in the bathroom are very old fashioned - the overhead shower was in a very bad state and had to be replaced and threre is no hand shower facility. When requested, Clarendon advised that this cannot be fitted - surprised that an apartment in the heart of London does not have the basic fittings ;)
Also, Clarendon were not clear about their check our policies and this caused a huge inconviniece as I had to check one day ahead of the planned check out date. They were not unable to provide an alternative when requested. This reflects very poor customer service on their part and needs improvement!! Pls ensure clarify the check out dates with Clarendon prior to check-in to avoid confusion !!
30-Oct-2014 704 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very good service and nice accomodations
30-Oct-2014 103 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very well equipped appartments, cleaning service quite good, nice location.
29-Oct-2014 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
The apartment was clean, had everything I needed, and in a good location. Thanks!
06-Oct-2014 101 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very nice and clean. I would use it again.
A few suggestions: A coat rack at the entrance to leave outerwear, umbrellas, etc.
Instructions for the use of the telly; what are the channels available, etc.. And instructions for the washing machine with temperature conversions.
06-Aug-2014 101 ONE PEPYS STREET
04-Aug-2014 G04 ONE PEPYS STREET
01-Aug-2014 G06 ONE PEPYS STREET
My experience overall was good. Carmen Bewick and Jackie Moss were extremely helpful in the finalization of the booking and ensuring that I had the access code for entry prior to my arrival. The apartment was nicely kept and I appreciated the welcome basket and frig items (especially with a late evening arrival). The weekly Thursday cleaning was always facilitated and done well. The concierge (Max) was extremely friendly and helpful.

While I do understand there are policies regarding check-out I was taken aback by the customer service response when I inquired if I could do a late check-out due to flight/work schedule or if I would be able to leave my luggage and return to retrieve. To be quite honest I was taken aback by the response I received as it was very abrupt and did not lend to assistance. While I understand some times a policy has to be maintained how its presented as well as trying to afford an alternative solution can lend to the overall experience of the customer. Ultimately I really appreciated Jackie Moss offering her additional assistance to my query after receipt of the original email response. She inquired with the concierge and ultimately provided a possible solution I could engage.

Suggestion: remember overall service is not just limited to the apartment facilitates but includes interaction from staff with consumers.

Despite the above I would look to uses Clarendon again - both personal and business - and hope that the incident above would not occur again.
21-Jul-2014 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very well kept, nice appliances, good service and repairs when necessary, easy move-in and move-out
18-Jul-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
The sliding door in the living room doesn't work. I have signalled this twice and someone came and tinkered with it twice, with no results whatsoever. I assume it cannot be repaired, but will need to be replaced. This is obviously more costly, but should be done nevertheless, given that there is no other way for airing that part of the flat. By the way, this is also not entirely satisfactory in the bedroom, where the (white) blinds are placed in such a manner that the windows can only be opened up to a couple of inches.