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21-Jul-2014 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Very well kept, nice appliances, good service and repairs when necessary, easy move-in and move-out
18-Jul-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
The sliding door in the living room doesn't work. I have signalled this twice and someone came and tinkered with it twice, with no results whatsoever. I assume it cannot be repaired, but will need to be replaced. This is obviously more costly, but should be done nevertheless, given that there is no other way for airing that part of the flat. By the way, this is also not entirely satisfactory in the bedroom, where the (white) blinds are placed in such a manner that the windows can only be opened up to a couple of inches.
26-Jun-2014 503 ONE PEPYS STREET
Wonderful as usual.
19-Jun-2014 101 ONE PEPYS STREET
I though that someone wil be going to make the faly every day, during my stay was only one time.
05-Apr-2014 G04 ONE PEPYS STREET
Excellent apartment for my business trip to London.
19-Mar-2014 G06 ONE PEPYS STREET
The handful of issues we identified were handled promptly to the extnt possible...and we appreciated the prompt acknowledgement when we pointed them out.
I still am baffled by the hand held can opener...although I suspect that an instruction sheet would have solved my problem.
My wife an I both agreed that we would be happy to make similar arrangements for future visits to London.
The concierge at One Pepys Street was particularly persoanable and helpful as well.
John Hackett
15-Mar-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
Clean, apartment in good shape
15-Jan-2014 202 ONE PEPYS STREET
The only issue I had was that the corner ground floor apartment was a bit too noisy on Thursday - Saturday nights.
13-Jan-2014 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
Service requests were not handled in a timely fashion, nor was there consistent follow-up to know whether an issue had been addressed or not.
29-Oct-2013 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Excellent, great facilities. Cleaning on Thursday is always an excellent standard.
28-Oct-2013 110 ONE PEPYS STREET
Great location great flat
28-Oct-2013 503 ONE PEPYS STREET
The apartment was clean and it was really a short walk (2minutes?) from the Tower Hill station.
25-Oct-2013 G07 ONE PEPYS STREET
Service was excellent.
15-Oct-2013 110 ONE PEPYS STREET
Customer service was great anytime I had an issue and I found all of the employees very responsive and helpful. However, the accomodations seemed very outdated and in some cases were substandard for the cost. With some renovations I think the property could be very nice, but as it stands I would not stay with Clarendon again due to the state of the flat.
24-Sep-2013 101 ONE PEPYS STREET
This is my 3rd or 4th stay. always clean and well presented. works well for me.
24-Sep-2013 505 ONE PEPYS STREET
24-Sep-2013 G06 ONE PEPYS STREET
The internet didn't work for 3 days, but the team eventually got it fixed.
Great apartment. No complaints.
I would suggest that you didn't need to clean, change the sheets and towels the day before I was leaving though (and then again the next day, when I left).
30-Aug-2013 310 ONE PEPYS STREET
All the facilities provided by Clarendon were fantastic. Apartment was very clean and spacious with all required amenities. The location of the apartment was apt for me to visit my offices as well as tourist destinations. The staff was very helpful. I did not have any trouble or concerns during my 1 month stay. I would strongly recommend Clarendon service apartments to all my friends and colleagues.
Thank you!
27-Aug-2013 503 ONE PEPYS STREET
Appartment was well located, close to my office.
Furnitures were good, specially the bed.
On the other side, cooking furnitures were bad : cooking pan was very old and all the food stuck to it and the kinfes were not sharpened at all.

Last but not least, I experienced a huge leak. I've been relocated to another appartment on the 4th floor which was hot as a oven, really annoying.
22-Aug-2013 306 ONE PEPYS STREET
No commentary
22-Aug-2013 G04 ONE PEPYS STREET
Clean, well taken care of.